Welcome to UCS Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection products are tested in internationally certified test laboratories to very high standards to ensure that they meet or exceed our building code.

Whereas the only test for the installation of these products onsite is an actual fire, this not being an option, the best way to ensure that this work is going to perform the job you require it to do, your best defence is to use trained and certified installers with a comprehensive knowledge of “Passive Fire Protection” and the products available.

At Utility Construction Services we have certified and trained installation staff with extensive knowledge of the leading Passive Fire Protection products available in the world today to ensure all work performed by us will meet and exceed the required standards.

As well as the installation of Passive Fire Protection products, we also have the capability to perform related work such as making new penetrations or refurbishing current penetrations through new or existing fire separations. For penetrations through concrete we utilize our own diamond coring rig with extensive water collection and recycling equipment to protect from water damage to the site and protect the environment.

We also have extensive expertise with the installation of cable tray systems. We can manage the passage of cables and pipes through fire separations from start to finish. See some of the completed projects by UCS.

Regardless of the challenge, UCS has the expertise and the products to handle your Passive Fire Protection requirements. If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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