Case Study

Kupe CEB Cable Penetration Sealing

Utility Construction Services Fireseal has recently completed one of the largest and most complicated installations of CSD fire protection products in New Zealand to date.

This was at Origin Energy's Kupe gas production facility near Manaia for Technip Oceania Pty Ltd. The contract entailed sealing in excess of 1300 power and control cables entering the central control building.

Being in the middle of a gas production facility, the penetrations not only had to be able to withstand a large blast and the fire that would follow it, but it also needed to be totally gas proof.

To add to the complexity of the contract there was a need for a high level of waterproofing to all penetrations due to the proximity to the Taranaki coast.

CSD products was chosen for this project by Technip after extensive research and they found them to be some of the best available in the would today.

UCS Fireseal was entrusted with the project from the initial site survey and specifying which product to use where, through to the installation itself and the final certification using the CID system.

For the installation a staggering amount of material was used:
  • 50 sheets of Actifoam
  • 1300 Rise rapid sleeves
  • 1000 tubes of Nofirno sealant
  • 38 sheets of Nofirno board
As you can see from our Testimonials all this was achieved on time, under budget, correctly and safely - the same goals that we set ourselves on every project we are entrusted with, be it a project of this size or sealing single cable penetrations.

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