Product News: NOFIRNO

March 8, 2012

NOFIRNO advances with superior technology

With RISE/NOFIRNO Beele Engineering has introduced a new generation sealing system based on the latest development of NOFIRNO rubber technology that is designed to meet all the requirements of the offshore industry.

The sealing system is tested according to IMO Resolution A.754(18) and approved for heavy duty A0 and H0 single and multi-pipe transits without any kind of insulation. The system is also the first sealing system in the market place that is approved for any combination of cable, metallic or plastic pipes.

RISE/NOFIRNO allows substantial movement of the ducted pipe within the conduit and offers high pressure ratings feasible for gas and/or watertight penetrations. The system is based on the NOFIRNO rubber and sealant that have excellent properties regarding exposure to fire and excessive temperatures. Fire tests have shown that NOFIRNO rubber is able to withstand fire and thermal loads without showing any dramatic colour change or carbonization at the unexposed side. At the exposed side the sealant will form a protective layer and char ensuring that the sealing system will remain stable and will not be consumed by fire.

Hans Beele, president of Beele Engineering, explains the backgrounds of the new sealing system: “RISE/NOFIRNO has been developed as an answer to the demands of the offshore industry. Offshore installations have a life time of many, many years and require a sealing system with a long service lifetime. RISE/NOFIRNO has been designed to exclude stress relaxation of the components, guaranteeing performance for decades and a service life of over 20 years.” RISE/NOFIRNO is resistant to weathering, UV and ozone and is capable of absorbing temperature changes. Besides, the system is shock and vibration resistant and can be used in a wide range of temperatures (-50°C up to +180°C). That means that the system can be used for both steam lines and for arctic applications. The unique service lifetime is based on the high quality of the systems components. All RISE/NOFIRNO components are totally halogen free and are made in Beele Engineering’s own factory under stringent ISO quality system.

“RISE/NOFIRNO contains no metal parts”, according to Hans Beele. “That means that corrosion on the pipe work is avoided. The system is approved water tight as well and thus avoids (invisible) corrosion within the penetration.”

EC (MED) certificates according to the European Union Council Directive 96/98 EC on Marine Equipment have been issued for the RISE/NOFIRNO system by Det Norske Veritas.

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Product News: NOFIRNO