Fire Protection FAQs

Fire Protection and Legal Liability - why is this relevant to me?

If you are involved in the provision of a fire protection system at any level, then you share liability for this operation when needed in a fire.

This starts from the designers and includes all parties involved in the building process up to, and including the IQP signing off the Building Warrant of Fitness and the owners.

I'm not involved in the system design or installation, can I leave that to the sub-traders?

Since you have appointed the sub-contractor, it is still your responsibility to ensure these systems are correct and installed properly. It is also your responsibility to ensure the installer can prove competency for the fire protection systems used, and work to be carried out.

It is not simply a voluntary duty of care - it's a legal obligation.

If you knowingly ignore advice that leads to a failure in the fire performance of any element of installed fire protection within a building, then you are likely to be found to be just as culpable as the deficient installer.

What is expected of me?

In the event of fire, and deaths, a court will want to know how every fire protection system was selected; the basis for selection of the installer, whether adequate time was provided for its installation, and whether there was adequate liaison between the different parties to ensure it was installed correctly.

A producer statement from a contractor that is not trained in the systems they have installed will not cut it! No ifs, no buts!

How can I ensure the fire protection systems are correct in all areas?

You need to ensure right from the start that is specified that all fire protection systems are compliant and will ONLY be installed by trained installers for the respective systems. Contact UCS today.

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